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Originally Posted by sbengte View Post
Huh ? That was probably the only time he was genuinely injured during a match and it showed to some extent during the match. He made it more than obvious during the entire match through his actions that he pulled a muscle or something in one of those brutal rallies in the first set, so there was no need for him to give a detailed report on his injury during the PC. The whole world saw it and the press would write about it anyway, so the loss was justified and attributed to injury without him uttering a word about it officially.

On the other hand, after sweeping most of the clay season, winning RG with the loss of one set, entering singles and doubles in Halle and looking fully fit running like a rabbit showing no signs of injury while getting outplayed by Rosol and thereafter slowly leaking 'injury' reports to the media over the next few months to handle the embarrassment of losing to a #100 player - now that is something else. No one but the Nadal camp does that, over and over again after every shocking loss.
Recently Rafa hinted that he was not well during IW. And what did he do? He played Miami the very next week
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