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Originally Posted by Mick View Post
not sure why you and other people in the forum hate playing pushers because unlike all the other types of players, pushers give you time to set up your best shots and deliver them. If you play a good counter puncher, power hitter, or serve and volleyer, these players won't give you any time at all. You will feel rush all the time and if you hit a weak shot, they will make you pay, whereas, pushers would just block the ball back.

I would understand if you said pushers pose no challenge because you can beat them easily but this clearly is not the case for the people who seek advices on how to play them.
But I like feeling rushed . See with pushers... they hit the ball so high. I have the ability to hit consistent winners against their high balls but... it kinda gets boring. I usually like to play against power hitters and still find myself hitting winners. It's just more comfortable to hit medium to low balls for me.
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