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Originally Posted by Coach Chad View Post
I also agree to an extent...a good coach helps inspire a person to develope a style suited to them...not the coaches style...this means a person must play, play, and play some more!
Me teaching someone is a disaster! My heart goes out to all instructors, don't know how they do it.

I taught my son how to hold a racquet Eastern grip, how to push/pull a shot, and where you should hit, but everytime I open my mouth he plays worse, whenever we forget and just play he's much better.

He learned from watching me, for example I do a radical side spin that when it drops goes like 3 feet the side direction, I couldn't show him with the racquet, he just picked it up. I showed him how Fed runs around a backhand, he does that beautifully, but yea me as a teacher is a disaster!
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