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Originally Posted by pauliewa View Post
Hah please excuse the rook mistake! Two different color strings, and four knots and I somehow wanted to believe it was an atw with a special Wilson and RPNY take on finishing crosses...

I guess my curiosity still has me asking if this could be applied to an atw -- skip 3rd to last, do the 2nd, finish on the 3rd. If there's merit to this technique on a two piece could the same be true for this?
Depends on the atw, but for simplicity let's say it's a frame with mains ending at the hoop (and doesn't need to be strung atw). For a frame like that you could do the same with the last few crosses, doing the third, skipping to the bottom, and doing the 2nd last and tying off.

I don't use this technique though, on the racquet in question, shown in the picture, "I enlarge and use 8T to tie the mains. I enlarge and use 9H and 9T to tie the crosses, and enlarge both the rightside and leftside 9H and 9T, along with both 7T, so that blocked holes are not an issue."

I just don't see the need to create a hard weave (the second cross from bottom) where not absolutely necessary.

Plus, the way I do it, going from the bottom cross, grommet #7, to the second cross, grommet #9, to tie off, it's a very short distance anyway.

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