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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
It's strange really, City look kind of flat, they have done all season. Whilst finding a way to win is impressive and vital for a top team, they really shouldn't be relying on it. Man Utd haven't looked good either, defensively i've never seen them so bad. Without van Persie, they would be in a bit of trouble.

I think Chelsea have looked better than both of them if i'm honest. The way we started the season, the football we played then and are doing now, it's been pretty good. Just a shame we had that 6 week period where it all went wrong.

It will be interesting if Abramovich does go big in the transfer window, getting Falcao or Villa and numbers in midfield could make it an interesting second half to the season. Moses and Mikel are off to the African Cup of Nations for the next month and a half now, whilst Lampard has been told he can find another club in January. 6 weeks with just Ramires as the only midfielder does worry me.
We are probably second slowest team in the league when attacking (Wigan only one I can think of who build up slower), last week against Reading we won the ball for what would have been a 4 on 5 -- mind you with Silva/Aguero/Tevez/Yaya who should be able to put fear into the worst defence in the league when attacking at pace.

It took 15 passes to get it out of our half in which time their entire defence was back organised again - and that about sums up how we've played all year, when Micah and Clichy/Kolarov are the fullbacks this can be worked around since they provide actual width but really with the attacking players we have it's annoying to watch sometimes.

United's defence aren't good and would probably be the worst to win the title in a long while should they do it but I just don't see how they can be stopped offensively if Van Persie stays fit and when Kagawa comes back, just too many ways they can attack.

As for Chelsea yeah that stumble after Benitez was appointed probably puts you out of contention but at the moment (throughout the year really) have been the most balanced in being good everywhere on the pitch, would have liked to see Luiz at defensive mid against Fellaini this weekend to see if he really is as good as it seems though but he got a bit lucky there! Still Everton away will be one where we see how good Chelsea's form really is, one of the few clubs that can stop your midfield's creativity,
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