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Default Apocalypse Now 2.4.5

Originally Posted by thejackal View Post
Been too busy stuffing my face to keep tabs on that. Cant say Im pleased about the time thats taking either. Looked through my phone and found some pics of the day to tide you guys over
Apocalypse Now: The Canadian Tiebreak

The highly-publicized delays and catastrophes in the grueling shoot (scheduled for about 17 weeks but ending up lasting about 34 weeks), along with extra-marital affairs, a grandiose and suicidal director, drug use and other forms of madness, were mostly due to a rain-drenching typhoon (named Olga) and a star-debilitating, near-fatal heart attack for the star, thejackal.

After its first editing, the original version was six hours long and had to be severely edited. A documentary about the film's chaotic making, shot in part by Coppola's wife Eleanor and including interviews with most of the cast and crew, was titled Hearts of Darkness: A Film-maker's Apocalypse (1991). [Joseph Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness was an inspiration for the film.]
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