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Originally Posted by 1477aces View Post
Novak is a pusher, just watch him play.
I have watched more Novak matches than I can remember and no he isn't a pusher (not even a pro equivalent of a one).

Originally Posted by 1477aces View Post
He is in terrific physical condition and when he is one, he won't even miss shots on the run. That's why he is the best player of the last 2 years.
No, terrific physical conditions is merely one of the reasons for Novak's success.

Terrific ballstriking, one of the best ROS on tour (some would say ever), great at changing the direction of the ball, transition from defense to offense, fearless mentality on big points etc.

Aside from overhead, volleys and slice Novak's game is incredibly technically sound, it is amazingly hard to break him down or pin him down to one wing to open up the court.

Originally Posted by 1477aces View Post
However, this pushing style from novak would have got him nowhere in 03-04 because the courts were faster and they were way more big hitters who would have their good days when they would not be beaten by a pusher.
Oh please, the courts may have been slightly faster in those days but the major slowdown of the game occurred in early 2000s (in 2002 the most) and Novak at his best is a nightmare for big hitters, he exposes their movement like no one else. He is somewhat vulnerable to all-court players and those who vary pace/spin a lot and have a great feel for the ball (junkballers, like Murray or Fed for example) but not to big hitters.
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