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I've never been a fan of going to the movie theatre.

1. I always thought the monstrous screen size was completely stupid.

2. The worst aspect of movie-going was and is, the vomit inducing judder (the sickening motion blur as the camera pans sideways).

3. the legions of texting idiots, and roving packs of stupid teenagers talking throughout the film

4. and as has been mentioned, the frightening prices for "food." American processed plastic cheese whiz is not exactly food, but it's billed as such. $8 for a small plate of nachos. Joy.

5. ticket prices. $14 on a weekend evening.

Also, why don't theatres ever CLEAN THE F'ING SCREENS!!!!! It's so stupid watching a movie projected on a grey/brown, dingy screen.

Fortunately, I haven't paid full price for a ticket all year. I've been seeing first run films with free movie passes or at sharply discounted rates with various promotions.

Fortunate, since most of the big budget movies released in 2012 have been absolute garbage.

I have a pretty nice TV and blu ray player. It is crazy how much better PQ is on a tv vs. the theatre.
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