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O trust me's a special outing when I go to the movies. The wife said she wanted to go so I took her. We mostly do the netflix...and now my father just gave me one of these roco..thingys for Christmas....that's gonna really put the theatres on the back burner. lol
What's interesting is that a lot of people are now saying that it's a vastly superior experience watching sports at home rather than at an arena or coliseum.

Watching a game at home is a great way to save a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars.

For example in tennis, even at smaller tournaments, you're often going to have a less than ideal view of the action, unless you're in the first row.

If you watch on hdtv, the cameras zoom so close you can count the individual hairs on a player's arm; heck, you can even tell which hairs are longer than the others. Sometimes, on directv, they'll show those slow mo replays and you can damn near see the player's fingerprints!
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