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Well, the big sellers are the Pure Drives and Aero Drives.
Babolat didn't exactly take over the market of classic players frames.
The PS Ltd. AFAIK is a failure in the sales department, at least in my neighbourhood.
The "classic" Pure Storms sell much better though the story with Pure Controls and later Storms is a funny one for me. Do you remember the days when people complained about the Pure Controls being to stiff? I agree that 71RA was overkill but they weren't that bad. When Babolat changed this and renamed them as Pure Storm Tours the sales didn't hit roof top. Still I find it funny that even though the PSTs had much lower stiffness I know quite a few people who experienced elbow problems from using them.

I may be biased but I really liked Babolats lighter control frame - Soft Control.
96 square inch headsize. Soft, light, plenty of room to customize. Those were the days.

I also had the chance to hit with an old beat up Pure Control Zylon (the extended version) and I have to say it also was a really nice frame and didn't feel uncomfortably stiff.

Although I'm not fond of Babolat I'm actually interested if they can "surprise" the market and come out with something which can compete with APDs and PDs in terms of popularity.
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