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Originally Posted by baseliner68 View Post
Until Murray can hit a forehand down the line? I was watching Tennis Channel's Top matches for 2012. Quote Gimel-snob commenting on the US Open finals match, "Murray needs to learn how to hit the forehand pass down the line in order to be an Elite player." Doesn't Gimel-SNOB understand that Olympic Champions are the elite players? .... Gimel-SNOB has his nose up in the air so much of he time that he cannot look down at Murray's footwork while he plays the game of tennis. His movement and split-step as his opponent strikes the ball is perfect or otherwise....ELITE!!! Murray has the Singles Gold Medal that many other elite players do not.... Gimel-SNOB needs to stick to some pregame notes when commentating or maybe Gimel-SNOB isn't SMART enough to prepare some prematch notes and we have to listen to this garbage!
Well, Olympic Champs are not necessarily elite players (particularly in tennis), but Murray is among the current elite.
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