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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
A few months back, my husband and I discussed my buying two new rackets. We didn't want to spend the money, but my rackets are from 2006. We decided I would get the new rackets. After all, if you spend $400 on rackets and keep them five years, that's only $80 a year -- a steal, right?

I shopped around and got them in October. They are *sweet!*

This month, one of my teammates called and said she was thinking of replacing her Babolats. She wanted to know what kind I thought was best. I told her I had just bought two new PDs and was very happy with them.

The next thing I know, my husband is calling to tell me that he had planned to get the new rackets for me for Christmas. He had asked my teammate to gather info on what kind of racket he should buy, and that is how he had learned I had already bought them.

Get this, though. He's actually mad about this. I told him we could consider them to be my present so he doesn't have to go find something else. He thought I should have waited because Christmas was coming. Just last week, he brought it up again and he is still steamed.

What the heck? Honestly, I do not require that my husband kill himself to find the perfect gifts for me. I'm not a four-year-old who will be devastated if my Christmas haul is skimpy.

OK, husbands. What say you? Did I do something wrong?
I don't see anything wrong with picking out and/or purchasing what you want ahead of time, but you could've given the racquets to your hubby to box up for Xmas day, so that you both felt good about the gift. Please tell me he ended up getting you a vacuum cleaner?
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