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Originally Posted by batz View Post
what Zagor says in the post below yours - maybe the knees are worse than is being reported i.e. maybe there is something in what you've been saying.

I'm not buying the 'silent ban' @rsegravy though.
Here's the thing though. The longer Nadal is not playing, the more weird the injury is. Like I said before there wasn't signs of hindrance of the knee when he played against Rosol, if the knee injury was that bad he would be limping on the court. So if the knee injury ISN'T that bad at all, surely it wouldn't worsen itself by that much when Rafa isn't even playing tennis, to the point that it's affecting him in the new season? Stomach virus sounds BS, they last for less than a wekk and if it gets serious you'll be seeing Rafa in the hospital in serious conditions already. You see the conflict?
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