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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
As for Chelsea yeah that stumble after Benitez was appointed probably puts you out of contention but at the moment (throughout the year really) have been the most balanced in being good everywhere on the pitch, would have liked to see Luiz at defensive mid against Fellaini this weekend to see if he really is as good as it seems though but he got a bit lucky there! Still Everton away will be one where we see how good Chelsea's form really is, one of the few clubs that can stop your midfield's creativity,
Everton away is probably the toughest game outside of the top 4, Liverpool and Spurs are up there, but Goodison is a horrible place to go. I think any of the big teams wouldn't be too upset with a point from it. As you say though, we are playing catch up so have to get 3 points from it.

I see Negredo is the latest to be linked with Chelsea, £15 Million for him or Villa seems to be the options at the moment, with £10 Million for Gomis being the other. That's if Abramovich doesn't trigger Falcao's release clause. Nacho Monreal seems to be the forward thinking at left back with Cole leaving. Benat, Suarez, Paulinho or Camacho in midfield.

I think we need 3 players, a striker and a couple of midfielders, or visa versa. The left back can wait till the summer.
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