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Exclamation Lets be frank with this Nadal scenario, an opinion...

Basically, this advanced clay-courter had some trouble with his knees after being embarrassed by someone qualifer ranked #1000 at Wimbledon and then he bunks the rest of the 2012 which has been blighted by toys out the pram mentality from Nadal - he kicked a fuss saying he won't come back to Madrid unless they change the colour, withdrew vs Murray in Miami, played no tournaments in February and didn't like paying tax for pre-Wimbledon Queens practice.

OK. Great. But, now...

He says his knees are fine, but because poor little Rafa has a little cough and a runny nose he decides to skip the first Major of 2013, 4 weeks in advance, simply because he has no prep?

Well that BS, there's about 5 tournaments from now till the AO if he's forgotten how to hit a ball over the net. He has plenty of time to practice.

It's either he lying or he's listened to PseudoFed's request to continue withdrawing from tournaments.

Why would you withdraw from a tournament 4 weeks before it starts, citing a cold? Toni Nadal saying its irrational to return as AO is 'best of 5' just demonstrates the hypocritical selective scheduling from the Nadal camp - would they skip RG if he only played Monte Carlo 3 weeks before? Surely you get fined for skipping mandatory tournaments on this trolling level?

This is the new Rafael Nadal people: 2 steps slower, a inch bit more cocky, selective with his (non-existent) schedule, flirting with tournament directors during the off-season of his future appearance then withdrawing from tournaments every other day like he's selling MJ assets.

Once a clay court specialist, always a clay court specialist.

I hope someone like Murray, Berdych or Isner raise their clay court level to semi-GOAT and make a match of it on the red dirt.
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