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Gauge of playtest string: 16

Tension used for playtest: 50lbs

Regular string set up: Luxilon 4G at 50 lbs

Racquet brand and model used for test: Babolat PSTGT

Power of test string: Very powerful string, especially compared to 4G. The power was my biggest complaint but could be do to my normal string setup.

Feel: Feel was good, volleys were better than groundstrokes for me. Touch shots got better as I got used to the string. Slightly better than average.

Spin: Incredible spin. My favorite quality of the string was the spin that it produced. Definitely a major plus

Comfort: Good comfort, especially for a poly.

Durability: Hit with it for college practices, broke after 6ish hours. About average for me.

Playability Duration: I felt that it played pretty well for the time that I used it. 6 hours over twoish days wasn't too much time for it to change though.

Control: Less than I expected. I found it to be lacking in this category.

Tension recommendations: 45lb is my usual tension for pretty much any poly in this frame. BHB7, Cyclone, Solinco Tour Bite, MSV Co-Focus, you name it and 45lb works. But not Cyclone Tour. I'd want to jump up to at least 50lb and maybe iterate up from there to try and reign it in. For me, the string wasn't really playable at 45lb, and that's a shame, because I think it's got promise.

Compare to the string you use most often: More power, more spin, and less control than 4G. I don't think I will be switching any time soon
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