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Originally Posted by decades View Post
doesn't make sense. public punishment is used as a deterrent. how would this send a message to other players if the ban was silent? tennis is a "confidence game" at the highest levels. there is so little difference, it's all about confidence. and when you lose it, you really lose it.
Revealing that top tennis players juice would be very, very, very bad for the sport as a whole. The ATP has a lot of incentive to cover up positive tests but punish players at the same time. Telling a top-4 player, who is very likely to make a semifinal and win a half million dollars, that he's barred from a tournament is pretty serious punishment. It's not as bad for the player as a public punishment, but a public punishment would hurt the ATP a great deal.

But is it done? No idea. None of us know, and this is all just speculation.
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