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Originally Posted by decades View Post
doesn't make sense. public punishment is used as a deterrent. how would this send a message to other players if the ban was silent? tennis is a "confidence game" at the highest levels. there is so little difference, it's all about confidence. and when you lose it, you really lose it.
Makes plenty of sense. While tennis is a tour comprised of hundreds of independent contractors, they're all connected and intertwined.

You can make a public announcement that someone like Wayne Odesnik is doping, because he's not going to be selling many tickets and it shows the public that hey it's a journeyman guy trying to make it to the top which puts over how hard it is to be a top player. It also shows that the tour is trying to "enforce" something whatever that may be.

However if Nadal gets publicly suspended, it would send shockwaves out. Casual sports fans would automatically cast other top players as dopers. Oh how does Ferrer run so much at his age? How does Haas continue to play at a high level so old and injured? How can these guys serve 140mph for 5 sets? Questions started appearing even with baseless accusations. Not the type of negative pub tennis needs.

Again, thankfully if it did happen, the sport would still have Federer to lean on as a "pure" and "clean" player. But the sport's #2 honcho getting caught would be very bad for business (while upgrading Federer's brand even higher).
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