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I agree Serena has no chance. Her pace would not bother him one bit. He has to be still a 7.0 or whatever the highest rating. I see no holes in his game or lack of speed. He is as good or better than the guys playing on the futures tours. Moves really well for being 50, still very light on his feet.

At Indian Wells one of the lower ranked girls had my friend be a hitting partner. He teaches now so he doesn't play. He said just rallying they were 50/50. But when he served he had to take a lot spin off to give her a more realistic shot. He couldn't straight blast a serve by her too much but if she had to honor his angle spin serves the bigger T serve got him a very attackable ball. He also had very little trouble with her serve.

This summer in socal I saw some friends play a doubles match with some guy I've never heard of from croatia who was ~ #200 in the world 8+ years ago. I actually thought they sorta could hang with him off the ground. But the guy served so big 120+ with mega spin. 1st, 2nd serve aces, he was whacking back 1st serve returns like they were sitters and his movement he got to great drop volleys like they were nothing.

If you ever seen top men at court level you realize you have almost no shot at making a good return. If you somehow get it over it gets crushed. If you get lucky to hit a good shot (your good shot is a sitter to them) they are so fast they seem to be waiting for it to crush. The court coverage between a top woman and top man/ex top man/ex top 300 is night and day.

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