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Originally Posted by Flash O'Groove View Post
Better not to send a message than to acknowledge that the second biggest star is a doper, no? MasturB is right, it would be terrible for the tennis business, and I bet what is good or bad for the tennis business comes before any other consideration.
Agree. Throw all the Wayne Odesnik's as you can under the bus to show you're 'serious' about keeping the game clean.

But today's news doesn't fit - did the ATP/ITF just decide 6 months wasn't enough and threw in 1 more? Did they test him and he failed again? If so he'd get more than 1 more month. My friends who hate Nadal (I've just lost a lot of respect for him) don't believe in the ban; they think his 'chemists' have come up with some new concoction and they're just worried it might not be out of his system or might be detectable; so they told him to take 1 more month off to be sure.

Will probably never know. His camp is pretty tight; I don't expect someone to come forward 5 or 10 yrs after he's retired and say 'oh, yeah - he was using everything imaginable.'
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