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Originally Posted by GentlemanJohn View Post
What are the advantages of a high gripping or a low gripping on the racquet handle ? Is it technically wrong to grip in the middle of the handle instead of gripping more to the lower side of the handle ?
It's not technically wrong to grip in the middle. IMHO- It's more of a player's preference, where they feel most comfortable. I honestly don't think moving your grip up or down a fraction of an inch is going to make much difference compared to simply gripping the racket where it feels best to you.

I tend to hold the racket low with the knob almost in the palm of my hand on my forehand. Feels like I can keep a loser grip that way and still swing fast.

I have to move it up a bit for more stability for my one-hander on the backhand side or when going to continental for a volley.
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