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Originally Posted by fedfan46 View Post
Since this is my first post, I think I should let people know that I am as big of a Federer homer as there is. But I still feel I can talk about other players, like Nadal, without letting that bias get in the way. So to answer the question: Rafa has a certain attitude about him that doesn't lead me to believe he thrives on being the underdog. He never is the underdog. He has no reason to have a mindset entering a match of "this player is better than me so I have nothing to lose". There is no reason Rafa would withdraw from a major because of a stomach virus, especially weeks in advance. The fact of the matter is, his knee is not ready for major competition and he doesn't want another Rosol type match in the AO that makes people begin to question his ability to remain at the top of the game.
I think his knee is ok enough at this point to enter and compete but his ego prevents him from doing that. I do not think that 'all or nothing' is the right attitude. He should be OK with losing to a Rosol like player if hes getting some match practice in the process.

On a side note interesting that you as a Fed fan are defending Rafa and I as a Rafa fan am attacking him a bit .
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