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Jo Wilfried was intended to push the new AeroLine Range. This is just a try out as Paul suggested. Problem will be if Jo really likes it & doesn't want to move back! But marketing strategy is easy to change, sometimes keeping your players happy is more important.
As I mentioned before, the Pure Storm was really intended to give a box beam alternative never to directly takeover sales from the Drive or Aero lines. Babolat never wanted the classic players market, it isn't worth anything in terms of sales . Head, Wilson & Prince also realised this but they have a longer, more established line. It has taken these 3 longer to re-position themselves as they are all much bigger.

Babolat have been carefully sidestepping the opposition & trying to whisper their message. It may not suit some people but it has worked for them.
They know they are not no. 1 but they are working on it.

Jo Wilfried & his blackout racquet is really the thread topic & he is in a similar position to babolat.
He is not no. 1 but wants to contend at the big ones.
A flatter trajectory, more direct way is better for him.(only my opinion).
Roger Rasheed will give him this but it is going to hurt.
Depends on how much he wants it.

I humbly disagree on Harrison, lots of companies want him, if he starts focusing he has all the potential. This is probably doing him a disservice, he needs another 2 years probably(a very young 20something) but if he catches the right draw he can still move up next year. He is raw.
I am sure Babolat will have him swinging this frame as well.
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