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Originally Posted by DropShotArtist View Post
Because it would be unfair to other players having to play a guy doped up on steroids.
Hmm that's assuming anyone cares about that. Federations have known about abuse and it didn't bother them if it brings the cash and if it is a secret well kept.
If they can keep the secret for the silent ban, they certainly can make the other stuff disappear.

I am sure certain "never caught" players have doped and still dope. It's just the silent ban concept is built on too idealistic concepts for today's harsh realities. The whole testing thing is devised to bring credibility to the sport, not to actually catch superstars doping.

The whole thing reminds me of an exam room where the teacher checks for cheating once or twice during the whole exam and would close an eye if the A graders cheat because he will receive a good paycheck if people perform well
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