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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
I fail to understand why you feel so threatened by Nadal. No matter what either player does, Nadal will retire as the best clay court player ever, he has no contester on that surface, while his records are not even close to Fed's on hard court. You should worry about Djoko more. He's the one with 4 slams, 2 WTF and 10 masters on hard already. He's much more likely to challenge Fed's records on hard than Nadal in the next 5 years or so. On grass, why worry? You'd have to be a bit braindead to fear that Rafa is gonna win 5 Wimbledon + in the next few years. So, what's left? The head to head? Big deal. 17 slams speaks for itself.
In a nutshell, I cannot figure out where your high sense of insecurity and intense manic need to put Nadal down come from
5 Slams. Also, when did I put Nadal down? The only thing I ever questioned was his superior endurance/stamina over all the other players on the tour while being lazy with his workouts on a great diet of chocolate chip cookies and playing video games with Lopez.
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