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Originally Posted by Midguytenis View Post
Humm I actually mentioned it an hour before hahhaha

If anything happened, it is Yonex that dropped him, no results because of his work ethic, nothing to do with the racquet, anybody can play very well with Yonex, I just switched to the 89 tour from Pro Staff 85 that I used for a long long time and I think Yonex is a way better racquet.

Anyway, Tomic has been mocked everywhere, even in Australia, his home country, I would not doubt if yonex decided to end the contract eralier because of last year's embarrassment. I think He is darn good player, but definitely not a slam champion.
And I mentioned it before that. But who cares, it's not about points here. Also the kids think Tomic is great, I did some work for Tennis Australia with their Super 10's program and 70% of the boys said Tomic was their favourite player.
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