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Sorry to beat a dead horse, but here's my two cents on the weight issue...

In June, I weighed nearly 240 lbs. but after playing singles against a maddeningly-consistent friend and making smart choices about what to eat, I'm now at 190 lbs. and looking to shed at least 15 more. I'm slightly taller than you at 5'8 in.

The biggest challenge is controlling what food AND how much food we put in our mouths. When first starting out, I think it's too much to ask a person to monitor both the 'what' and 'how much' components -- that's why most diets fail at the beginning.

What really worked for me is focusing on the 'how much' part. Eat what you want, but in portions. Basically it comes down to calorie counting -- 2000 cal per day and only drink water. Yes, it's okay to have chilli cheese fries for lunch, but have breakfast = a bowl of cereal and dinner = something really light (for me, a heavy lunch usually fills me for the rest of the day). Choosing what to eat became easier once I got the calorie counting part down.

I hope it helps and good luck!
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