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Oh gosh the overreaction on these boards. Ralph is a lock unless Djokovic 2.0 turns up(which he won't since that was his peak and his peak is done,evidence of that is his 2012 form).

How many matches do people have to see to understand that players don't have an answer to Ralph's moonballing especially on clay? The guy has lost 1 match in friggin 8 years FFS, one would've thought someone would've figured out a way to beat him with a decent margin but unless someone absolutely redlines ala Soderling or Djokovic 2.0 turns up,who's gonna beat him? Name one and don't mention Berdych coz all you'll get is laughter.

And honestly people who think that Ralph won't turn up for RG 2013 due to his supposed injury have no friggin clue of what Ralph truly wants and how his camp thinks and what Ralph's ambitions are.

Here's a hint then why not? Ralph hasn't skipped one clay season since 05,NOT ONE due to any reason(no knees nothing). Chew on that for a bit. And please don't give me the reason of "clay is good on the body" BS, seriously I'm way too old for that baloni.

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