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Originally Posted by nikdom View Post
Ok. A lot of speculation about the 'why' of Nadal's withdrawal. I don't know if he's doping or if he'll retire, but what about the less controversial speculations -

Here are my top 5 -

1. He only comes back for clay in 2013

2. Murray and Djokovic will now fight for No.1 (Fed may not be as interested in the ranking as much as trying to win more slams)

3. There is no chance Nadal's going to be number 1 again if he only plays clay

4. This makes room for and gives hope to folks like Del Po, Berdych and Ferrer to make a push to get in the Top 4. One of them could bag a slam in 2013

5. I don't think Nadal will ever cross Sampras' record, let alone Fed's

What do you think?
I agree with most of this. Certainly he will remain ranked behind Sampras and Fed, and it will forever be a toss-up between him and Borg.
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