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Originally Posted by Hannah19 View Post
Come on guy's ( and gall's),
Let's face it.....WE WANT THIS ICON RE-ISSUED!!!!!
TW, go nag Dunlop into uncovering the dust collecting IMF machines and start moulding a few of these babies!!!
Make it a 85 weighing about 330 gr strung and 6 points headlight.
Does Dunlop really have the IMF machines laying in storage, or were they destroyed or scrapped (as I would expect)?

It's unlikely that the manufacturing process peculiar to IMF would be environmentally or fiscally viable - the amounts of aluminium alloy required for each racquet (to be molten out) makes it silly.

There are still lots of good Max 200g's out there... I found one (a lovely 1985 version, Light 5 size), with cover, at a California thrift store last night for the huge sum of $3.98...
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