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Remember that Graf had a topspin backhand which she used to pass with and in rallies, early in her career. She let it drift away as s/ver's drifted off the tour. Even her slice was effective against incoming volleyers as it stayed low to the net and cut downwards. it was also very accurate, especially as a return down the line.

Martina had two advantages over Novatna and Mandlikova, first with that lefty hook serve wide to Graf's backhand. It drove Evert and Austin crazy and did more than a little damage to Graf on Grass.t. She also had a lot more upper body strength, to handle all that heat and still keep the racket head directed, even if the shot was below the net. She had a bionic arm and wrist. They did not.

Jana really had all the tools, but lacked the mental game to win points when it counted, and she wasn't much of a fighter when things weren't going well.

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