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Default If Nadal had won those 3 Slam finals against Djokovic, he'd be gunning for Federer!

He wouldn't let anybody or anything stand in his way. He'd have tied Sampras, then looked to break Sampras' 14 Slams and then go gunning hard after Federer's slam tally.
Djokovic RUINED everything for Nadal off clay! Everybody can see it! Basically Federer should put a flag of Djokovic up on his rooftop because Djokovic is the man who ended Nadal's dream of surpassing Federer's Slam count.
You think if Nadal was at 14 Slams, he'd be taking half the year off and playing golf in Mallorca and playing poker? He'd be heavily training, going into the AO in supreme shape and ready to wage war to bag Slam #15!!!
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