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I wanna hear thoughts on which team you guys think is top in the west (regardless of their record). Some would argue the Spurs, and even though I hate them, I never count them out because they've been so consistently competitive in the playoffs through the past decade. And I still remember that game where they benched their big men, Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli I think, and their B team still almost beat the Heat (it was a 2 point game or something like that). The Lakers, and by no means am I saying they're the best in the west, are never a team to count out especially with all the talent they have ready to click. It's cool to see Nash playing again. But I'm realling digging the tenacity of the Clippers and the Thunder's young guns are still dominating even without Harden. It's no wonder why they have the best records in the west.

But personally, I'd have to say the Phoenix Suns are the best in the West.

....just kidding just kidding. I live in Arizona so I'm obliged to cheer for them. In all honesty though, I think the Clippers will make the most waves in the playoffs. Griffin is highly combustible and Paul is just a fantastic all-arounder. Can't wait to see what they accomplish.
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