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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Taking out someone no problem is beating him 7-6 6-1 6-1 or 6-4 6-3 6-3, Fed can still push Nadal (and thus tire him out) and Murray has improved since 2011 so yes if Nadal gets to #5 beating Fed and Murray back-to-back with Novak waiting in the final would be a tough scenario for him off clay.

Sure Nadal beat 3 times in a row but that was on clay, whenever Nadal returns he'll still be the big favourite against anyone on clay, that won't change anytime soon but it doesn't make him a favourite against Novak in AO, USO or even Wimbledon (even though he's a better grasscourter overall).

Regarding 2012 AO, I could just as easily say that Novak should have wrapped up that match in 4 sets.
I see what you did there. Well played.
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