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It's speculation. Murray was in fantastic form in this year's AO - he could've easily beaten Nadal in the final "if there was no Djokovic" to stop him in the semi-final stage. Andy would be at 50/50 to beat Nadal in the final if the same Murray who took Djokovic to the brink of defeat in the SF showed up in the next round.

Federer played excellent at the US open in 2011 up until the 3rd set against Djokovic. If there are any majors where Fed can (or could) still beat Nadal it was at the US Open. I would give Roger a pretty good chance of beating Nadal there, unlike at the FO and AO.

The only major where Nadal was a pretty safe bet was Wimbledon in 2011, he took out Murray, Federer lost early and once again with Djokovic not existing Nadal could take the title.

But once again - this is all speculation. By the same token look how many majors Nadal has taken away from Federer.

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