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Originally Posted by Homeboy Hotel View Post
Compare Nadal's opponents,
Djokovic was a pro known to quit in slams because he had a sore throat.

(stick thin) Murray in his early years use to outplay his opponent 95% of the match but lose 6-1 in the 5th because of cramp.

Don't think Nadal is the first player in the world to have physical issues. You work on it and makes you stronger.

Overly-cautious Nadal swallows a banana without giving it a sufficient number of chews and calls the trainer on court, this is just another one of his overly caution antics.
Its a little bit worse having constant knee and foot injuries in tennis then it is to have a "sore throats" or fitness issues. You can fix your fitness pretty easy (especially today) but its difficult to keep your limbs going from underneath you without surgery, rest, and lots of rehab
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