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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
I totally forgot good ole Birdy,my bad. Yea you're right no TBerd/Murray in Fred's half,please.
The way I see it, Djokovic, Murray and Berdych are the toughest opponents in that order for me in this current stage in Federer's career. (Not counting Nadal, since he is not playing there now.)

The worst case scenario is a repeat of his USO draw, when he had to play all three in a could happen again.

I think Roger will be happy with Tsonga. I think he will even pick Del Potro over Berdych, since he had recent success in slams against him, including last year in Melbourne.

His ideal draw would be Tipsy in the quarters, Ferrer in the semis, and then if he had to choose between Murray and Nole, he would want to avoid Nole at all costs.
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