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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Oh I agree and he often contradicts himself too. All I am saying is that if I had to choose between the opinions of two former tennis players, I'd probably go with the one who is a former multi-Slam winning champion.

Oh I don't know, I've seen him hit many sliced backhand drop shots over the years, many of them quite remarkable. Strangely though, he doesn't seem to employ them as much as he used to do.

Again, he was far more effective with it in the past. Nowadays, it doesn't seem quite the weapon it once was IMO.
Yeah, but to say that Murray's slice is more "natural" than Roger's is ridiculous.

If you're speaking of his topspin 2HBH, yeah, I'll totally agree that Murray's is a better shot, but sorry in my book that's just as ridiculous as calling Murray a non-elite player just because he doesn't go DTL more.
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