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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I wouldn't come out and tell my opponents that I am injured beforehand. I would not want to help them beat me by telling them I am hurting physically in some way.
well then saying you have an injury afterwards looks like an excuse. Also I don't think it matters if you say you are injured before a match. How is that going to help your opponent?

Who actually believes any injuries these days? Nadal is always injured and trying his best to be at 100% because if not, it's going to be impossible, no? How many times has he won tournaments taped up and supposedly battling injury? Not to get at Nadal at this time especially, but you have to admit Nadal has often turned up with some problem and a lot of times still won. Because i can't ever remamber him saying he was 100% yet he's still won 11 slams and 22 masters etc.

Djokovic has injuries that you don't believe, so if he said "I have a bit of a problem" is anyone going to gain an advantage from that? They could simply think it's a trick. You know, playing possum I wouldn't gain any confidence playing someone who said they were injured, if anything I'd feel more pressure from being expected to win.

plus you don't have to say your leg is falling off, but at least if you say you have a small problem you can admit later it was slightly worse, instead of it coming out of nowhere.
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