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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post

even if he did say that, Roddick is a prat anyway who has criticised Djokovic as well, so maybe he just likes to shoot his mouth off. And let's face it, he has plenty of reason to have a hidden grudge against Federer.

All the bs about nadal's moment being stolen. He won the title, he made a speech, he had photos taken. He got his moment. As he did when he walked all over the roofs of Wimbledon like he owned the place. Federer should have stopped talking long before he did, but he was trying to regain composure and leave on a better note. Doesn't help when the crowd is cheering you. Anyone who thinks Federer chose to cry on purpose to steal Nadal's moment, is an world champion idiot.

You treat nadal like he is some perfect being and admire him for being that way, but you don't act in that example at all. Nadal went and hugged Federer. You in the same situation would have probably gone over and pushed him the the ground yelling "this is my moment b****!" How you can admire Nadal for his "goodness" and act in such a generally bitter, petchulant and spiteful way to any of his rivals (like when Djokovic took over in 2011) is beyond me.
I applaud your post.
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