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Originally Posted by akind View Post
I've never heard of Federer planning to withdraw from any tournaments just because he thinks he will not win it or have a small chance to win it. He just play, however the draw is like and however he feels about his confidence or his chance of winning.

Now Rafa thinks that he might not play AO because he thinks he will not have a chance of winning it? or because his knee won't be in good condition during AO???

That is ridiculous.

What a coward.

Federer keeps on playing no matter big or small his chance of winning. He never pulls out of Roland Garros, so why Rafa pull out of any other grand slam but not Roland Garros??? Rafa is seriously a coward.
How low of you to post something like this.

Anyway, when Federer has an injury anywhere close to the seriousness of the ones Rafa has had, then we'd know what he would do and if he would be a coward according to people like you.
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