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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Well, it's apparent Berdych has become a dangerous player for Fed NOW! Prior to this year's USO, he was 4-1 v Berdych in Slams and 11-4 overall. And as you point out, he would have then only had to play Murray, one of his favourite pigeons in Slam matches and then play Djoko whom he had already beaten at Wimbledon and should have beaten at the 2 previous USOs!
So we agree that Murray is useless? Ok cool. I suppose getting Ferrer was the harder semi final?

We all know that's not what you believe, but you jokingly concur with the troll point of view if it suits you. You know that my post calling murray useless what not serious, but you jokingly agree with me so you don't have to retract the statement about Fed's weak draw. Just like you get annoyed with anyone using wind as an excuse for Murray's US Open win, but then jokingly blame wind for his defeat in 2009 IW so that you don't actually have to give a serious opinon about whether wind is or isn't an excuse for losing.

Murray was the tougher draw, Federer got him in his half. You know this is what I mean, but you just avoid the actual point.

And you might remember that Federer was 2 sets to 0 down vs Berdych at the AO 2009. Since and including that match he's played him 3 times at slam, lost 2 and had to come back from 2 sets down in the other. The last time he had a comfortable slam match vs him was 2007.
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