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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Math can be managed. It is the science courses with labs (regular and AP) which are very difficult/impossible to duplicate at home. For the regular courses, I guess the labs can be done with one of the home-schooling science kits. But for an AP science course, teacher's guidance in the lab becomes very important and the lab itself is subject to College Board guidelines for it to be accredited.

My son is doing AP Biology this year and the content and labs are way, way above what I studied a generation ago. I have no clue what is going on.
My son has been homeschooled since day one, long before we knew he'd pick up a racquet. It was a personal choice for our family and I'm glad we've done it up to now. He is currently in 8th grade and is taking 3 classes at a homeschool co-op that is run by former teachers who have credentials who have chosen to homeschool their own kids for whatever reason. He is currently taking a science class with labs(thank goodness I don't have to do labs at home, LOL), a project based American History class, and a writing class. The rest of his stuff we do at home and I help him with organization for his classes which only meet once a week.

Through this co-op he gets socialized with all kinds of kids, one of his friends from class is a high level soccer player and homeschooling fits their travel schedule as well. He also gets test practice, note taking skills, presentation skills, working with others on labs and other projects in class, etc. He even has had study groups meet at our house to work on projects and presentations and I think this is a nice addition to his homeschooling experience.

As for tennis, we don't have the funds to take him to a high level. I am just glad he found a sport that he is good at and where he feels he can grow his character and athleticism. He works with his coach once a week for 1.5 hours on technique, strategy, etc and then he hits with another pro from our club once a week for an hour. Other than that, he's just doing match play with friends. We don't participate in any clinics or other junior programs because of the expense. He is now playing in the boys 14s winter nationals and still has a year left in the 14s so I think he's done well despite not having a consistent tennis schedule and clinics.

And, as for school stuff, he has a cognitive birth problem that has affected him in ways with his learning. He may not even go to college. I have him working with a math tutor and a reading instructor, but his cognitive memory is not progressing as the doctor would like(he sees a neuropsychologist and a neurologist). Anyway, he also has ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome and other co-morbid conditions that sometimes hinder his progress both academically and with tennis. For me, I just want him to be happy and healthy and to love whatever sport he is participating in. One of his friends just passed away last month from leukemia and it's a reminder to us that life is about more than sports or even than academics. I watched my friend bury her son and it reminded me that all I want is for my kid to be healthy, to have good friends, and to just enjoy being a kid. Pretty soon he'll be a grown up and I want him to look back on his childhood and be grateful for the opportunities he had and for the friendships he's made. Hope this helps.
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