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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Oh lighten up Towser. I credit you with being one of the few posters on here with a sense of humour and an ability to banter. Seems you're not in the mood for this one.

Anyway, joking apart, I genuinely don't think Federer had a particularly tough draw at this year's USO. The early rounds were indeed a joke but then that's pretty much the same for all the top seeds. The later rounds are usually always going to get tougher for everybody. Berdych may have proved a tricky player for Fed in recent years but he normally finds a way to get past him, 2010 Wimby being a rare exception. If anything, Berdych is an even trickier player for Murray to handle while it is an undeniable fact that Fed has been able to handle Murray successfully in all their previous Slam encounters and, as I said, he had already beaten Djokovic at Wimbledon and had a good record against him at the USO even if he did choke away chances to beat him in their last 2 encounters there. Beating him would, of course, have been tough but it was doable for him IMO.
Come on now, what would have been a tougher QF & SF combo for Fed in 2012 USO?

Delpo, Tsonga or Janko certainly aren't tougher (or as tough actually) propositions for Fed in a slam QF and Murray is a far tougher potential SF opponent than Ferrer, David is Fed's ultimate pigeon on top of the fact that Murray is a plain better overall player.
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