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Originally Posted by jman32 View Post
i use the prestige pro (prostock version), direction control and power are most important to me (assuming there reasonable spin), i am a aggressive all court player, which would be the best bet: silver, silver rough, blue, rough, or black. and which is the best gauge?

please estimate how many hours your suggestion will last (i know everyone is different)

my all time favorite string in Alu power, full bed, 48 pound CP. i am using M2 plus (1.30mm) at 48/46 pounds CP since i got a reel very cheap. works well, just not quite as good as alu power

thanks for the input
I like Silver rough in the 17, and the black in the 16. No matter how much or how little I play with them, they seem to lose some of their "pop" after 2-3 weeks. The black has seven sharp edges that bite into the ball and those edges last a long, long time. The silver rough texture is usually gone within a week but the strings still play fine. I string these both around 50 lbs, but might go up to 52 or 53 when it is really hot in the summer.
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