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Originally Posted by clarky View Post
Budget is around 1k to 1500. Not strung before but my current stringer will teach me. But the easier to use the better.
probably, you will choose one of the machine from Mid budget ($1000-$1500) : ALPHA Axis Pro (less than $1000) Prince neo 1000, 1500, Gamma 5003, 6004 (crank).

Maybe you can later get a wise electronic system.

Can't tell you the detail information on the machine but Brake will be very useful when you stringing prince o3 rackets.
When I string my rebels, I almost always think that how easy to string cross o3 rackets with a brake on my machine.

In your budget, you might be able to find used electronic but it will be very tough.

it seems like prince 1500 or gamma 6004 might be the best.
if you want 6 pt system, you should go with 6004. if you like 2 pt, prince 1500 might be better.
Heard Prince 1500 might be the best idea to put wise electronic tension system because you can't use 360 degree option
both machines are good so you can go either.

you can see link for some comments between two machines.
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