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The funny thing is Baghdatis came much closer to beating Fed than Gonzalez did. Which I think had to do with the fact that Fed played ridiculously well at the 07 AO coming in on a huge winning streak, and not so good at the 06 one. In fact he was still wearing an ankle brace at the 2006 AO, and was struggling by his standards. Went 5 sets with Haas and had a brutal match with Davydenko in the QF. Also lost sets to Keifer and Baghdatis in the SF and F. He (Baghdatis) was actually up 7-5 2-0 with a breakpoint to go up 3-0 (double break) which happened to be a fairly long rally. Just some observations.

As far as the draws go, I stand by what I said, however it is not always the case, but more of a general thing IMO although I can understand what Cristti is saying.

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