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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Most of my multi setups look like spaghetti after a set or two in my 16x18 Exos. The tension I'm using is 50 pounds because my rackets are so flexible which only compounds the problem of string movement.
I could not imagine stringing GPro that low. It's so incredibly soft that (IMO) you don't need (or want) to. I used to string some of the off brand multis low (like Pro Supex Maxim Touch or Tourna Quasi Gut). I would string them on my lock out at around m:54,x:51

But then I got a constant pull machine, and I started in addition, upping the tension b/c I was having trouble keeping the ball in. Then I discovered GPro and realized that I got the same soft, cushy, ball-pockety feeling from it even strung fairly high on a constant pull (m:61,x:59).

That's the tension I've been using consistently with it. I've considered even nudging it a tad higher but haven't tried it yet.
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