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You either charismatic or not.There is no such a thing of being found charismatic for a while.He is a top 3 player for the last 6 years he has an amazing 2011 followed by pretty good 2012,of course he will have some kind of fame and there will be some people who admires him.He is just doesnt have a star power like Borg and Agassi used to having,Fed and Nadal has.
I don't think very much of it has to do with charisma, actually. Federer isn't naturally charismatic. It has more to do with marketing carving out a particular image/brand for an athlete and running with it. They realized that Federer could be marketed as this elegant, classy, Swiss gentleman (of course it helps that he's goat/among the goats). With Nadal, marketing could advance the image of him as a hardworking, never-say-die bull; his physical presence/persona speaks for itself. Neither one of those guys are especially charismatic in interviews.

Djokovic needs a niche as dictated by marketing more than anything else.
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