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Default Gut Rocket Launcher???

From all I read and based on my experience with natural gut there seems to be pretty much universal agreement that gut does not lose its playability until it breaks, unlike multi and poly.

But you tell us about gut becoming a rocket launcher for you before it breaks, like multi and poly. Can you elaborate or explain this for me?

Also, my experiments with all strings tell me that the mains become much tighter as the crosses are added to the string bed. For instance, I strung a hybrid today with Wilson NG 16 at a reference pull of 50 lbs.

After I added the crosses, my tourna string meter indicated the main tension was 65-70 lbs. Quite change. Like 30% or more tighter. I have seen this kind of tension increase with other string meters also.

So if you string your mains with an initial pull of 70 lbs, it seems to me that they may end up well over 80 to 85 lbs after the crosses are added to the string bed. Maybe this explains what is happening to your gut--maybe it is failing from being over tensioned? Especially if you are a heavy hitter.

Something to ponder. And explain if possible.


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